Ice Makers

Ice Makers

Many businesses use ice in their day-to-day operations and sometimes it is feasible to make it in-house instead of purchasing it. Ice makers can help with the process and provide a regular supply of well-formed ice for your establishment.

At Xcellence Cooling and Heating, we install, repair, and maintain ice makers in Las Vegas. Our trained experts have worked with these appliances for several years now and understand them well. Their experience allows them to give reasonable, unbiased advice for everything from installation to repairs.

Best Ice Maker Installation in Las Vegas

Most people don’t know much about ice makers so choosing the right one can be difficult. Our team considers factors like your budget, daily ice requirement, space available, and preferences into account before planning for the project. Clients always get a customized, flexible service from us, which ensure they’re delighted with the results. After the consultation sets the foundation, we recommend ice makers that are suitable for Las Vegas weather and provide a detailed quote without any hidden costs.

Ice Maker Repair in Las Vegas

Ice markers are built and function differently than regular refrigerators, which is why it is important to hire experienced technicians in the field for repairs. Look out for the following problems with your ice maker and give us a call immediately if you notice the issues:

  • Excessive Ice – Excessive ice production is a drain on resources and can tax your ice maker. If you notice the system is producing more ice than you programmed it to, call a repair expert promptly.
  • No Ice – Sometimes ice makers just stop functioning and this can happen due to a variety of reasons. It’s a good idea to check if the system is plugged in correctly and is getting the required supply. If it is plugged in, switched on, and still doesn’t produce sufficient ice, we can fix the problem.
  • Cube Size – Commercial ice makers come with the option to control cube size, which can make things easier for commercial establishments. If your cube size is inconsistent, check the settings first to make sure it is accurate. If you still experience problems, give us a call.

Our ice maker repair services are prompt and efficient. Technicians will arrive at your location at the earliest possible time in fully-equipped vans for repairs. We also provide preventative maintenance services to commercial clients.

To send us a service request please use this Contact Us form or call us at (702) 401.2946. We are here to help you with all your Las Vegas icemaker installation, maintenance and repair requirements and offer attractive discounts as well.

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