Floral Boxes

Floral Boxes

Everyone who runs a flower business knows just how fragile blooms can be. It takes very little for them to wilt, shed petals, and go brown, which can cause considerable loss to the business. Las Vegas weather is particularly harsh on these delicate products so it is important to maintain a proper storage environment for them. At Xcellence Cooling and Heating, we have worked with flower businesses and know how the floral refrigeration system works.

What do Floral Boxes Do?

Floral boxes or coolers maintain a steady environment to ensure the flowers remain healthy and safe when stored. A flower will last for at least five days in the right conditions before it becomes unsuitable for sale. These coolers are available in different combinations and designs so a florist can easily find something that suits their requirements well.

Commercial floral boxes also double as display cases to showcase your flowers to prospective customers. They can be stored outdoors, even in Las Vegas weather, without worrying about wilting or drying. We have vast experience with installing floral boxes in Las Vegas so if you need one for your business, give us a call.

Best Floral Boxes Repair Las Vegas

Flower boxes can develop problems over time, especially if they’re not maintained well or are stored in poor conditions. Common floral box problems include:

  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Lower or higher temperatures
  • Wilting and dying flowers
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Excessive noise

If you experience these problems give us a call before your flowers become spoiled. Our team will examine the unit thoroughly and recommend effective repairs. They won’t recommend unrequired repairs and replacements so you can trust their advice.

We provide prompt, 24/7 service, which means our technicians will arrive at your location on time and fix the issue quickly. This reduces downtime and damage to the products.

Las Vegas Flower Box Maintenance Services

These appliances will function well if they’re maintained well. We provide preventative maintenance packages as well as scheduled one-time servicing. These options will help ensure your Flower box always functions well and doesn’t experience frequent problems during daily operations. Properly maintained coolers also consume less energy and are more efficient.

To send us a service request please use this Contact Us form or call us at (702) 401.2946. We are here to help you with all your floral boxes installation, repair, or maintenance requirements and offer attractive discounts as well.

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