Beverage Coolers

Beverage Coolers

Most hotels, restaurants, cafes, and similar commercial establishments offer beverages. These can range from flavored water and juices to expensive wines and alcohol. Cold beverages are refreshing and popular, but you need to make sure they’re preserved carefully to maintain their flavor and quality. At Xcellence Cooling and Heating, we can install commercial beverage coolers and maintain them so you can keep providing chilled beverages to your customers.

Beverage Cooler Installation in Las Vegas

Beverage coolers come in different shapes, sizes, and capacities. Some are ideal for juices, sodas, and waters while others are specifically designed for wines. During the installation process, we look into what our customers need and determine what kind of refrigeration system might be suitable for them. There’s a wide range of appliances available in the market today, which means business owners often struggle to make the right choice. We consider factors like:

  • Type of beverages and their ideal storage settings
  • Customer’s budget
  • Available space
  • Power consumption requirements
  • Capacity and cooling efficiency

Our experts will only recommend products that have worked well in Las Vegas conditions and have a good track record when it comes to performance.

Signs That You Need Beverage Cooler Repair

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on beverage cooler performance because it can develop problems without you noticing. Here’s a look at some of the issues we commonly address through our custom beverage cooler repairs in Las Vegas:

  • Short Cycles – A cooler will cycle in steady intervals to maintain internal temperature, but sometimes the cycles are too short and inconsistent to maintain it. This can be because of incorrect control differential, over or under charge, air in the refrigeration system, or problems with the overload protector.
  • Compressor Issues – Things like poor or damaged wiring, temperature control issues, interruptions with power supply, etc., can cause compressor problems. It is important to fix these problems as quickly as possible to ensure the cooler isn’t too damaged.
  • Temperature – If the temperature is much higher than you expect and the beverages aren’t cooled properly, you might have a split gasket, damaged door hinge, and similar issues.

Our technician will evaluate the appliance carefully to understand why the cooler isn’t working properly before offering advice. We also offer expert scheduled maintenance to help you keep these appliances in good condition.

To send us a service request please use this Contact Us form or call us at (702) 401.2946. We are here to help you with all your Las Vegas beverage cooler installation, repair, or maintenance requirements and offer attractive discounts as well.

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